Ch. Darkpeak Mystified running through the shallows
  • Working Newfoundlands

    Encouraging the Working instinct in Newfoundlands

    Ch. Darkpeak Mystified doing a boat recovery
    Ch. Darkpeak Mystified

    Darkpeak are proud to have produced Newfoundlands that maintain the breeds instincts and charactaristics as working dogs and we have an excellent track record in working activities. Many owners have chosen Darkpeak dogs for that very reason.

    The main disciplines in the UK that Newfoundlands participate in are:

    • Water Work
    • Draught Work (Carting)
    • Obedience
    • Nose Work

    For details regarding all these activities and to find a Working Club near you, please visit the web sites of the various Breed Clubs, there are listed on our Links page.

    A new club has recently been formed in the UK that is dedicated purely to Working Activities;
    The Working Newfoundland Club